Proactive Tax Planning & Wealth Management

We partner with CPAs to help high-earning clients drastically reduce their tax liability

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Today's CPA Clients Demand More

Tax preparation is no longer enough. Business owners and high-earning individuals are demanding more from their CPAs than ever before. As the AICPA puts it, CPAs are now expected to be their clients' “most trusted business advisors”.

For CPAs unwilling to meet the challenge, this means lost clients. Research shows that 72% of small business owners have changed CPAs because their former CPA only offered “reactive services” rather than proactive tax planning.

For those willing to rise to the challenge, however, this evolution is a golden opportunity to do more and be more for you clients.


Do More For Your Clients. We Make It Easy

At GC Asset Management, we make it easy by providing you with a dedicated financial advisor and a virtual team of tax planning and wealth management specialists and services.

We help you: 

  • Reduce the risks that come from referring clients to third parties 
  • Reduce the risk of losing clients by being more proactive 
  • Provide more value and increase client satisfaction 
  • Expand your "brain-trust" by working with some of the country’s best specialists
  • Increase organic growth by giving clients a story worth sharing with family and friends

In other words, we help you transform your business from “tax preparer” to “trusted business advisor”.

Who We Work With

Our services are designed for the following types of high earning clients:


Private Clients


  • Individuals in Transition
  • Inheritors of Wealth
  • Retirees 

Business Clients


  • Corporate Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners

Institutional Clients


  • Family Foundations
  • Non-Profits
  • Investment Firms