Proactive Tax Planning & Wealth Management

We consult with CPAs to bring more value to business owners and high net worth clients

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Today's Clients Demand More From a CPA

Tax preparation is no longer enough. Business owners and high net worth clients are demanding more from their CPA than ever before. As the AICPA puts it, a CPA is now expected to be their clients' “most trusted business advisors”.

For a CPA unwilling to meet the challenge, this means lost clients. Research shows that 72% of small business owners have changed firms because their former CPA only offered “reactive services” rather than proactive tax planning.

At GC Asset Management we consult with dedicated CPA firms who want to transform their practice to be more proactive for clients. Our goal is to make the CPA and client of today more successful and more satisfied. 

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CPA's Can Do More - We Make It Easy

At GC Asset Management, we operate as a Team Based Model Consult to dedicated CPA firms. We make it easy for CPA firms to do more for clients by providing direct access to a host of advanced tax and wealth management services.

We help CPA firms: 

  • Reduce the risks that come from referring clients to third parties 
  • Reduce the risk of losing clients by being more proactive 
  • Provide more value and increase client satisfaction 
  • Expand the CPA "brain-trust" by working with some of the country’s best specialists
  • Increase organic growth by giving clients a story worth sharing with family and friends

In other words, we transform CPA firms from “tax preparer” to “trusted business advisor” for their most valued clients.

Your Expert Team & Customized Solutions

GC Asset Management is your CPA's conduit to a nationwide team of advanced tax and wealth management experts.

You benefit most when your CPA leverages an expert team that only a longtime industry veteran can deliver. Glenn Cunningham is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional of more than two decades, and will consult with your CPA to deliver solutions that you expect and deserve. 

Your CPA and Mr. Cunningham will bring access to world-class support for even the most sophisticated needs. With our team behind you, no challenge is too complex.


Proactive Tax Planning & Wealth Management

With GC Asset Management as your Team Based Model Consultant, a CPA firm can offer business owners and high net worth clients a full range of proactive tax and wealth management services.


More than 30 Advanced Tax & Wealth Management strategies available.

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