Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Whether your financial planning goals are oriented on a specific savings objective, maintaining a comfortable retirement, or preserving your estate for future generations, the process can be complex. At GC Asset Management, we don’t limit our advice to just the investments we manage. Instead, we collaborate with you and your other advisors to create a multifaceted plan for meeting your retirement lifestyle needs, higher education savings, and an estate plan to transfer wealth to future generations.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning begins by defining your values about money and wealth, along with your concerns, constraints, and objectives. From there, we can assess your current situation to comprehend your overall picture. We start with a look at your cash-flow and balance sheet including: sources of income, investments, held-away accounts, liabilities, illiquid assets such as real estate, concentrated stock positions, stock options, and private business interests. We then consider how you are managing risk and implementing insurance as a facet of shifting risk. The details of each of these aspects should be coupled with managing taxes effectively, assessing your estate plan and your desires for philanthropy. By following our wealth planning process, we can make specific financial planning recommendations to optimize your cash-flow, assets, liabilities and protection towards achieving your long range goals.

GC Asset Management has the financial planning expertise and tools to help you find the best solutions tailored specifically to your values and goals. Our ultimate objective is align ourselves with your long-range goals and help to secure your financial future.

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