Investment Management

Investment Management

Our philosophy of active management is at the core of managing risk and reward. We pride ourselves on the principles of rules-based investment selection, multiple risk controls, and the ability to move to cash. By selecting and protecting the highest quality investments for income and growth, you benefit from superior risk adjusted returns across an entire market cycle.

Our rules based active management approach accepts that markets are more volatile than ever and requires continuous risk control and investment monitoring unlike the days of buy and hold, followed by portfolio reviews only on a quarterly or annual basis.

The protection you can be assured of during periods of market uncertainty and increased volatility is that our active management strategies and your portfolio are being reviewed weekly and have the ability to move into cash for improved protection from downside risk.

Creating Your Investment Policy Statement

Before recommending or selecting any investments for you, we begin by establishing an investment policy statement tailored to your wealth, investment values, concerns and goals. Your investment policy statement will take a holistic look not only at your assets available to invest, but also your time horizon and comfort with volatility. We will also consider any investments held away from our firm toward determining your appropriate allocation while minimizing investment overlap.

Establishing Your Portfolio Allocation

Our investment strategies are based on our interpretation of one of history's most successful stock pickers, Benjamin Graham. What made Graham stand out was his notion of buying cheap assets and selling expensive assets. In determining your portfolio allocation we will consider your investment policy statement and tax sensitivity in selecting the appropriate blend of equity, fixed income, alternative investments and cash. Further, we will also consider any investments you hold outside of GC Asset Management to maintain a proper overall allocation. You will find that we are disciplined and thorough in our approach as we strive to provide our clients with superior risk adjusted returns.

Selecting Investments for Quality and Value

At GC Asset Management, we use third party research, and proprietary computer programs to screen for quality securities capable of delivering superior performance and reduced volatility to your portfolio. Our selection criteria is applied across all market capitalization's and investment sectors to find the highest quality investments without emotion or uncertainty.

  • Domestic Equities
  • American Depository Receipts
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Closed End Funds (CEFs)
  • Taxable Fixed Income
  • Municipal Fixed Income
  • Alternative Assets
  • Options

Monitoring Markets and Performance Metrics

Since the global markets are continuously changing, especially amid the kind of volatility and uncertainty the investment markets have seen over the past decade we continuously monitor your portfolio toward achieving superior risk adjusted returns. Changes in an investments outlook or market volatility may lead to portfolio adjustments including the use of options for hedging as well as increased allocations to the safety of money market funds as conditions dictate. We are confident you will appreciate the effectiveness of our investment management process.

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