Tax Planning & Wealth Management Solutions

We specialize in providing proactive tax planning and holistic wealth management solutions

GC Asset Management specializes in providing holistic wealth management solutions by leveraging a broad range of financial services. We engage you in a collaborative processes focused on establishing and maintaining a relationship that addresses your concerns, goals, and dreams to accomplish effective wealth management solutions for retirement, investments, education, risk mitigation, tax planning, executive and business solutions, and inter-generational wealth transfer.

Financial Planning

Whether your goals are oriented on a specific financial objective, maintaining a comfortable retirement, or planning your estate for future generations, financial planning is complex. At GC Asset Management, we don’t just limit our advice to the investment accounts we manage.


Securing Retirement

Whether you’re preparing for retirement or already in it, you probably want confidence that your plan is positioned to sustain the retirement lifestyle you envisioned. For many people, leveraging the right resources can significantly improve their outlook for income, expenses and investing in retirement.


Investment Management

Our philosophy of active management is at the core of managing risk and reward. We pride ourselves on rules-based investment selection, multiple risk controls, and the ability to move to cash. The benefit for you is superior risk adjusted returns across an entire market cycle.

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Higher Education Savings

Education can be a core investment in future success. Over the past decade while investments have fluctuated the cost of a college education has increased at a rate higher than inflation. Finding smart ways to fund this major investment can pose significant challenges.


Risk Management & Insurance

Many circumstances have the potential to cause greater damage to the security of your assets than investment risk. Planning for the potential of litigation, an untimely death, disability, long term care, or catastrophic business event should be a critical component of your wealth management.

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High Income Tax Planning

The tax consequences of your financial decisions made today can affect the lifestyle you and your heirs enjoy in the years to come. That's why it's important for your wealth management plan implement strategies that assess the impact of taxes to maximize their efficiency.


Estate Planning & Charitable Giving

When considering your accumulated wealth, you want solutions to maximize a legacy for your family and the causes you are passionate about. Through a variety of advanced estate planning techniques, we can help minimize taxes on your estate and create a legacy for generations.


Business Wealth Solutions

Business owners and corporate executives often require comprehensive business wealth solutions. Tax-efficient conversions of concentrated stock, stock options or a majority business interest requires sophisticated strategies executed by experienced professionals.


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